Continuous Intelligence Cloud

Right data, to right people, at right time

About Us

Polzmann provides a single coherent view of business to integrate and contextualize all sources and streams of data.

  • Digital Twin View of all Operational Data
  • Automate Organizational Data Flows
  • Integrate Time Series / Spatial Data / Unstructured Data
  • Data Contextualization and Metadata

Data foundation

Data Workspace

Our solution

  • The Composer gathers, connects, and contextualizes all data sources. It has built functionality for data modeling, workflow, and other ETL processes aided by a UI and ML based processes
  • The Workspace enables users to interact with the data platform, deploy dashboards, BI, apps and analytics, and intuitive 3d visualizations

Digital Twin

Engagement Journey

Product Features


  • Easy access to insights from anywhere
  • Fully cloud native
  • Access data on any device, limited bandwidth
  • Contextualized data on demand


  • Common data = Trust & Efficiency
  • Pain point to solution in 5 weeks
  • No coding / tech experience required
  • Faster analytics & troubleshooting on data and processes


  • Data exploration and visualization
  • Data workspace for data engineers & scientists
  • Clickable engineering diagrams connected to data sources and live views
  • Data relationship graph
  • Bi-directional field workflow

    Speed to Value

  • Continuous data quality monitoring
  • Monitor: Anomaly detection and alerts
  • Personalized dashboards for users and functions
  • Subset data access to suppliers / partners
  • Process expert driven data workflow